Food Processing

Qingdao Abundant Dragon Foodstuff Co, Ltd. is a comprehensive and modernized enterprise specialized in producing and processing food. Located in Renzhao, Pingdu, Qingdao Agriculture High-tech Industry Development Zone, Abundant Dragon Foodstuff Industry Park (invested by Qingdao Abundant Dragon Foodstuff Co, Ltd.) covers an area of 506,000 square meters among which staff apartments cover 9,000 square meters, restaurants 7,000 square meters. With more than 4,700-square-meter office buildings and 40,000 workshops, Abundant Dragon Foodstuff possesses 7 factories: Qingdao Abundant Dragon Foodstuff Co, Ltd., Abundant Dragon Food Processing No.1 Factory, Abundant Dragon Food Processing No.2 Factory, Qingdao Abundant Dragon Meat Company, Qingdao Abundant Dragon Baofeng Foodstuff Company (joint venture), Qingdao Abundant Dragon Hui Foodstuff Company (joint venture) and Qingdao Guohui Foodstuff Company. Within the park stand professional cold-chain logistics warehouses so as to better support the park and the surrounding foodstuff companies.
Abundant Dragon Foodstuff Industry Park is bestowed with superior advantages in agricultural products and geographical location. Adhering to the following development concepts, namely “socialization, serialization, characterization, branding”, it strives to develop in the form of joint ventures and aims to be a comprehensive foodstuff center specialized in producing and exporting prepared foods, beef, honey, vegetables, aquatic, and bread flour.
    Main products are as follows: prepared foods, meat, honey, vegetables and retaining fresh, aquatic and bread flour, etc.
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